My First English Term Paper Writing Experience

If you go to the United States, expect to be surrounded by English. Of course, this need not be emphasized already as it is common knowledge. Now, as a Chinese, unfortunately, English does not come naturally to me. I’ve spent most of my life in China, and I was not exactly that exposed to the English language even during my early education years.

Then I was given the task of writing my very first English term paper. I have written a lot of term papers in the past, but writing it in English, with it being checked by my English-speaking Professor, is challenging. I must mention, it was not a 1-page essay. Now, as I am not that adept with the English language, I took several measures to avoid flunking in the assignment. I saw this whole thing as part of my learning curve, and a significant one at that.

• I read dictionaries and encyclopedia. Not exactly to learn about different facts, but more on having myself used to the language.

• I read some short fictions. These books trigger feelings, and I wanted to incorporate that in my term paper.

• I looked into sample term papers. This is more of familiarizing the format and knowing how should I structure my ideas.

I must admit, it took me some time. Of course, I cannot claim that I am already an expert. I know for a fact it will take more than just reading. However, at the end of the day, I was able to deliver a piece that was understood, with a message that is more than just a narrative. I was able to render something of value, a term paper that aims to make the students understand China more. I also advise to check out from there term papers. Yes, I capitalized on the term paper assignment to make them know me more considering that Chinese people are often easily misunderstood.



First Year Engineering Subjects

Now, this is the real deal. Engineering has been my passion ever since I can remember. For me, it was like the dream of all dreams. I know for a fact that many wanted to be an engineer, along with other degrees like being a teacher, doctor, or celebrity. However, it is more than just wanting the course that is being wanted by the many. I want to be a chemical engineer. Yeah, you heard it right, chemical. Sounds difficult right? Well, even for me, I know that this is not an easy course. To set things straight, though, I know that all courses are difficult. What drew me to chemical engineering is the fact that it fascinates me to see the formation of things from small materials. At the same time, I consider different manifestations of chemical reaction as a work of art. Really, it makes me realize how much of the world I really know nothing about. There is much to learn about making things from chemicals, and I want to be part of it, especially in the sector of energy. Why? Because of the following:

• I want to develop a means of providing cheaper energy to the rural areas. I know for a fact that energy is often less accessible to the poor.

• I also want to contribute in providing more environment-friendly production of energy to do away with all the wood cutting and excessive release of carbon dioxide that harms the environment.

Looking at the syllabus, basically, first-year subjects serve as preparatory. It provides lessons on the basics of physics, chemistry, and mathematics. There are also units relating to biology. Brief of the science department I must say. Of course, there are also subjects outside of engineering premise, such as history and literature, the ones I consider a breath of fresh air. It creates balance to the whole first year of education.

Goodbye Family, Hello New Friends

Part of moving into a different place is uprooting you to the place that you have grown used to. Not only to the place, but also to the people. Of course, with today’s technology, there really is no absolute goodbye (aside from death). However, it will never be the same.

With my transfer to a different country, I have already prepared myself. I know I will be spending lesser time with my childhood friends and my family. However, at the end of the day, I tell myself that it is part of growing up. Luckily, my family is very understanding in this regard. Yet, it still does not make the whole thing instantly easy. Being with them during the most part of my childhood, leaving is not exactly a piece of cake.

On the other hand, I have read in a book that the hardest part is really taking the first step. After that, the liberation will be overwhelming. I must say, that is definitely true. After everything sinks in, you get to realize some of the perks of going to a new place, such as the following:

• You get to meet new people from different parts of the world • You get exposed to different cultures

• You get accustomed to diversity

• You get to know yourself more New place, new beginnings.

With that come new acquaintances as well. It is never wrong to try to know other people. It helps one grow. Different people have their own stories, and knowing these stories is education already. Each story gives different perspectives. With that, I welcome new friends with open arms. As much as I want to learn from them, I would also want to give them an idea of my own culture, giving them a peak of my own perspective as well.

Flying From Chengdu to Dallas

I revel in the idea of traveling. At some point in my life, it has been the journey that I cannot forget, instead of the destination. I know for a fact that this moving of mine is a huge step, but I cannot stop but look forward to the things that I may come across traveling from Chengdu, my hometown, to Dallas. I don’t care if takes around 18 hours. I am ready for the 18 hours travel.

I remembered the first time I rode an airplane. I was a still a kid that time, roughly 8 years old? I really demanded the window seat for me to see everything. I wanted to see the clouds, to see the buildings shrinking, basically to visualize my whole body leaving the ground. It was so satisfying. From then on, I always demanded the window seat. Up till now, even if I am already 18 years old, I am still not getting tired of it. And I have no plans of stopping just yet. So, of course, I purchased the window seat this time as well. I want to savor my journey, the entirety of it.

Here are some of the few things I am looking forward to this entire travel of mine:

• My seatmate. I am a talkative traveler, so basically I am looking forward to someone who I can talk to.

• The airport, both in Chengdu and Dallas. Airports are where people the different race go together. It is basically a hub of diverse people and I love diversity.

• The shrinking buildings. I like how the skyscrapers turn to miniatures. I

t’s like humans are gaining control all over again. It becomes imagining people are living or working in those buildings while I am on the plane. Some work of art there. Yeah, sounds deep right?

Deciding to Study in Texas A&M

Being part of the Millennial population, I must admit, I have this drive to do something out of my personal status quo. It seems hard to explain, but today’s generation seem to want to do something more, to be more, and I am definitely one of them. As such, I decided to make it a goal to go to Texas A&M, a university that I consider very prestigious. As a Chinese student, I know for a fact that many of my batch mates also have the same thoughts as me. Not particularly about going to the exact same school, but basically just learning new things outside our own country. Now, justifying this goal to my family, and to myself, led me to identify different objectives as to why I really want to go to Texas A&M. After thorough deliberation with my own consciousness, these are the things that I came up with:

• I want to go out of the country

• I want to play football (I heard Texas A&M has a good football team. That is something I strongly look forward to)

• I want to boost my curriculum vitae by graduating in a prestigious University

• I want to gain independence while exploring the places other than China

These reasons make me want to pursue Texas A&M. I feel like I can discover new things about myself if I get exposed to the different environment and a far place at that. It fascinates me to think of the possibilities, of what I could achieve, and of what Texas A&M can offer to make me into a better version of myself. Of course, I am not saying that other universities cannot do the same. It is just that Texas A&M has this aura that draws me strongly. It is so hard to say no. Trust me, I tried.